Low Carbon Building and Transport

Delta awards 4 distinguished attendees the “Energy Management Professional Certificate”


Net Zero by 2050 has become a global new focus. Reaching the goal requires talent to facilitate industrial sector decarbonization through energy efficiency. For a long time, Delta Electronics Foundation has promoted energy efficiency practice. In 2021, we partner with Chinese National Federation of Industries to launch the "Energy Management Professional Course", which is the first-ever training in Taiwan that integrates theories and practices on manipulation. It also features online teaching and multiple field trips that enable attendees to accumulate hands-on experiences. Attendees who complete courses and pass relevant exams are able to receive the "Energy Management Professional Certificate" jointly issued by Delta Electronics Foundation and Chinese National Federation of Industries. 

This year, we provide training courses(1,2) including energy management introduction, energy-saving technology & applications, as well as ISO 50001 energy management system. There are over 700 energy management talents attending the courses in total, and we are pleased to award 4 distinguished attendees the certificate. Congratulate the following attendees on becoming certified energy personnel!
Qian-Yue Xu
En Hao Huang 
Wei-Ting Ciou 
Pai-Chun Hsiao

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