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Established in 1990, Delta Electronics Foundation was founded by Bruce C.H. Cheng, the Founder of Delta Electronics, with the idea to give back to the society that has provided an enabling environment for the company to grow. The goal of the Foundation is to foster sustainable development, both domestically and internationally, through environmental education, the promotion of green buildings and rigorous climate and energy research.

During the initial stages, the Foundation was mainly focused on the cultivation of technology talents through sponsorship of academic research. Instead of climate vulnerability, endangered species and resource depletion resulting from global warming, the Foundation gradually transitioned to prioritize environmental protection, to offer solutions in the realm of sustainability. Given the increased urgency of environmental protection, The Delta Electronics Foundation is now primarily focused on three core areas under the larger 'sustainability' umbrella, namely – "Energy and Climate", "Low Carbon Building and Transportation", and "Talent Cultivation".


To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.

The Foundation aims to improve overall public environmental awareness by introducing energy conservation standards and climate adaptation strategies to link up with the international trend for the reduction of carbon emissions. Additionally, through innovative talent cultivation methods, we will lay the cornerstone for sustainable development.


Message from the Founder
Since the industrial revolution, due to the emission of GHGs, we are now experiencing global warming and extreme climates and witnessing more and more frequent natural disasters year by year. Although we have reached the consensus to give better environmental protection and to prevent from continuous warming of the earth, yet we are more likely to speak many words rather than take more concrete action. We are not working hard enough to tackle this urgent issue.

The Delta Electronics operates with the mission: "protect the environment, conserve energy, and love the earth" and has been devoted to the research and development of highly efficient electronics products as well as entering the R&D for green technology. For the past many years, it has always been the hope of Delta that we can make more concrete contributions to the social development of humans and the building of a more sustainable world. These are also the initial objectives for the establishment of the Foundation.

For many years, the Delta Electronics Foundation has been focused on the promotion of energy and climate education to either raise the public awareness towards energy conservation or influence more people to care for the improvement of energy efficiency. The Foundation also observed that the energy consumption from buildings accounts for 1/3 to 1/4 of the total global energy consumption indicating the high potential to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, the Foundation will also promote the concept of "green building" as the key response to solving the global warming crisis and to call for more attention to the energy consumption of buildings.

The other focus aspect of Delta Electronics Foundation is talent cultivation. Along with the technology development, the education format also changes. We now have the opportunity to close the gap between urban and rural areas resulting from the imbalance of resource distribution. With the adoption of modern technology, the Foundation hopes that students will be encouraged for self-learning through interactive teaching methods as well as be inspired to become the drive to change the world.

As a successful enterprise, we should think beyond profits, and be the leader in driving positive change in society.



  • 2018
    ─ Hosted the surrounding conferences again during COP24, to share how decentralized energy resources can enhance energy resilience.
    ─ "Delta Media Salon" translated the SPM from IPCC's Special Report, Global Warming of 1.5°C, and follows the latest update on climate change with the world.
    ─ "Mathematics Literacy Curriculum for Junior High School" launched on DeltaMOOCx and YouTube channel.
    ─ Delta Electronics Foundation launched "Green BIM" to strengthen the energy efficiency of buildings.
    ─ The co-author of Delta's Latest Publication, A Low-Carbon Tale of Two Cities, Prof. Kin-Chung Ho of the Open University of Hong Kong, comes to Taiwan to give a speech.

    ─ DeltaMOOCx project awarded with the Global Views Educational Foundation's "Future Education Taiwan 100" Award.
    ─ The Foundation was invited by ICLEI to share its experiences on the promotion of Sustainable City at the Side Event in the duration of COP23.
    ─ Invited to EcoMobility World Festival 2017, Delta Green Building Exhibition showcased at Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung.
    ─ "Delta Green Building Exhibition" project and "DeltaMOOCx" project recognized by the CSR Awards of Global Views Magazine with Exemplar Awards in the environmentally friendly category and education promotion category respectively.
    ─ The Foundation's latest publication and picture book Namacia's Library released.
    ─ Special exhibit "Physical World" donated by Delta Electronics Foundation opened at the National Museum of Natural Science.

    ─ "Adaptive Education Meets DeltaMOOCx" press conference shared individualized adaptive learning via the quality online curriculum and SPOC interactive learning approach.
    ─ New book Building a Green Building with Delta released with the debut of 12 microfilms on green building.
    ─ "Delta Green Building Exhibition" showcased at the academy of arts and design, Tsinghua University in Beijing and Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei.
    ─ The book Designing a Good House: Lessons from Green Architects received the Honorable Mention Award of Ta-You Wu Memorial Awards.
    ─ "Delta 21 @ COP21" initiative received the top prize in the environmentally friendly category of the CSR Awards of Global Views magazine.。

  • 2015
    ─ Curated "Delta 21 Green Buildings at COP21 Exhibition" in Paris during COP21
    ─ Min Chuan Elementary School in Namasia, which was donated by DEF, achieved the "Net Nero Energy" goal in 2015.
    ─ DeltaMOOCx, the first Moocs platform for technology education launched in April

    ─ The Foundation assisted professors and students from the Graduate Institute of Architecture of National Chiao Tung University to competed in a Solar Decathlon in Europe.
    ─ The "Environmental Education Promotion Project" received the First Prize of CSR Group given by Global Views Monthly.
    ─ Received the Outstanding Group Award of National Environmental Education.
    ─ "Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above" was awarded the Best Documentary Film of Taipei Golden Horse.
    ─ Curated the Environmental Exhibition: Run for Water‧Water for Run.
    ─ Co-organized a side event about resiliency building during COP20 in Peru, Lima.
    ─ Donated equipment for monitoring toxic hazards after a gas explosion in Kaohsiung, and funded the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation for victims’ rehabilitation.

    ─ During Taiwan Lantern Festival, the Foundation based on the concept of carbon credits planned the "Delta Celestial Bliss" to carry out the concept of low-carbon buildings.
    ─ Taiwan's first aerial environmental documentary film "Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above" was broadcast and received great feedback. The Foundation was one of the major sponsors of this film. The cooperation of the environmental clip with Photographer Chi Po-Lin, "Taiwan from the Air", was also released in 2013.
    ─ "Delta Celestial Bliss" received the Outstanding Award of CSR Group from Global Views Monthly.
    ─ Donated the LED lights to the National Museum of Natural Science, which be installed outside the Green House as a new lighting display.
    ─ Received the Outstanding Award of Environmental Education in Taipei City.
    ─ The construction of the "R&D Building of Sun Yun-Hsuan" was selected as one of the cases in "The World's Greenest Buildings".

  • 2012
    ─ "Namasia Ming Chuan Elementary School" donated and rebuilt after Typhoon Morakot was completed; with energy-saving and solar power generation, the future "net-zero energy consumption" green campus was built.
    ─ The Most Influential Award of a Mobile Community Service Given by Xue Xue was received for "Assistance to Climate Refugees – The Rebuilding of Namasia Ming Chuan Elementary School".
    ─ "The Rebuilding of Namasia Ming Chuan Elementary School Project" received the Award for Outstanding Newly Completed Environmental Buildings in the Asia Pacific.
    ─ Cooperated with Taiwan Aerial Imaging and National Taiwan Science Education Center to produce "Taiwan from the Above-Aerial Environmental Imaging Exhibition", the first environmental exhibition curated by the Foundation.
    ─ Supreme Quality Award received by the energy school, Kaohsiung Jiachang Elementary School given by the Ministry of Education.

    ─ Donated the construction of the "R&D Building of Sun Yun-Hsuan" at NCKU with the newest green building technology that completed in February.
    ─ Built zero-carbon classrooms at Wanfang Elementary School, Minfu Elementary School, and Jiachang Elementary School for the demonstration of energy education.
    ─ "The Climate Battle in Taiwan" cooperated with the IC Sound of Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park Broadcasting, and received the Golden Bell Award.
    ─ The Low Carbon 3D Movie Tour Bus was launched and scheduled to tour in remote towns to screen environmental documentaries.
    ─ 2nd Community Service Award received from the Ministry of Education.

    ─ Began "Energy School" project to consult schools with energy inspection and teaching plans.
    ─ Chairman, Bruce Cheng and "Low-carbon Life Blog" were both awarded as Environmental Hero of Global Views Monthly.
    ─ "Low-carbon Life Blog" received the Most Influential Award of Community Service Given by Xue Xue.
    ─ Received the Art and Business Award given by the Council for Cultural Affairs due to the participation in the reconstruction work after Typhoon Morakot.

  • 2009
    ─ Initiated the "Green Collar Architect Workshop", a professional course for talents engaging in green buildings and green renovation and decoration.
    ─ "The 24 Lessons of Low-carbon Life" received the Good Book Award given by China Times.。

    ─ The first group of Delta Energy Volunteers taught at schools; the Foundation now has been continuously training business workers as the seed teachers to use active and interesting teaching methods to teach knowledge to elementary students.
    ─ "Low-carbon Life Blog" was awarded "The Chinese Community Service Award". 。

    ─ Initiation of the "Energy-saving Residential Unit Rebuilding" project to finance 25 houses to improve energy consumption and build a healthier and more comfortable housing environment.
    ─ Cooperated with the BTCO to offer joint scholarships.

    ─ Introduced the KEEP12 Energy Management Project on Campus to cooperate with environmental education agencies in Taiwan to prepare localized energy education programs and brought the teaching material to elementary and junior high schools in Taiwan.
    ─ Provided scholarships for oversea Chinese students in Thailand to come to study in Taiwan.

    ─ Gave Delta/NTIO Joint Environmental Scholarship to encourage students to study environmental courses in Europe.
    ─ The Foundation worked with the National Taiwan Science Education Center to launch the Green Energy Mobile to test mobile educational exhibitions, attracting more than 100,000 visitors.
    ─ Cooperated with the Society of Wilderness to initiate the event of "Summer Turn off the Light Day" to encourage the public to save energy in daily life.

    ─ Received the National Community Service Award from the Ministry of Education. 2001

    ─ Established scholarships for Chinese Schools in Northern Thailand; improved Chinese teaching quality in Northern Thailand by providing teachers' training and software/hardware funding from time to time.

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