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Delta Namasia Minquan Elementary School obtains LEED V4 O+M Platinum Certificate


Delta Namasia Minquan Elementary School obtains LEED V4 O+M Platinum Certificate

The Namasia Minquan Elementary School rebuilt by the Delta Electronics Foundation after Typhoon Morakot, this February obtained LEED Platinum certification. It is currently the first LEED V4 O+M certified elementary school in the world. Since 2015, the library of Namasia Minquan Elementary School has achieved net-zero energy consumption. The campus is also 93% more energy-efficient compared to the average of elementary schools in Taiwan. Currently, the school has further applied for "LEED Zero Energy" certification established by the U.S. Green Building Council.
To reduce energy consumption, the building adopts designs such as natural lighting and air ventilation as many as possible. Additionally, many energy-efficient appliances have been installed. Upon initial completion, the school had been certified as a green building with diamond level, which is the highest award for green building in Taiwan. In 2019, Delta further installed distributed energy system that integrates energy generation, storage and management to enhance green energy use and resilience in the campus. In decade, the school has also served as an emergency shelter during climate disasters, accommodating more than 5,000 individuals. It becomes a model green building and disaster-resilient campus in an international journal.
Keeping children "away from disasters instead of their home" and learning in a safe and green campus are what the local needs. Delta then further committed ourselves to constructing affiliated kindergarten of Minquan Elementary School in 2019 to support the education of preschool children.

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