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Delta's 8K environmental documentary "Life in the Coral Reefs" released worldwide


The vast ocean is responsible not only for creating a climate system and supplying the oxygen needed for life, but is also responsible for holding the world's systems together. However, slowly but surely, it is moving towards a crisis point. Climate change, overfishing, marine pollution, and habitat destruction all threaten the health and survival of the ocean.

The 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity is due to be held in Kunming, China in mid-October. The small Pacific island nations are gearing up for negotiations with representatives from the countries, in hopes of getting them to list 30% of the world’s waters as permanent protected areas, which would provide a lifeline for the marine ecosystem. The Delta Foundation, which has long been paying close attention to climate change and environmental issues, released the new 8K documentary on the marine environment, "Life in the Coral Reefs", on the eve of the conference. The professional 8K filming team traveled all the way to Palau, a model country when it comes to marine conservation, to capture scenes of the vibrant local coral reef ecosystem, in an attempt to encourage the public to pay attention to marine protection issues.

The 8K ultra-high image definition allows the audience to appreciate the uniqueness of various marine creatures that one does not usually get to see with their own eyes. From the courtship and mating of the greater blue-ringed octopus, the leisurely gliding of the giant oceanic manta rays, and the spawning fish storms, to the highly popular garden eels seen in aquariums around the world, every segment provides a therapeutic experience while drawing viewers into the wonderful underwater landscape. The film showcases the biodiversity supported by the coral reef ecosystem and the close interdependent relationship between the inhabitants of the biosphere.

The fight to defend the oceans! Delta's 8K environmental documentary "Life in the Coral Reefs" released worldwide

According to a scientific report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), 70 to 90% of global coral reef populations are likely to disappear as early as 2030 due to the effects of climate change. Such marvelous and beautiful marine landscapes may soon be wiped off the face of the Earth, and the creatures and humans that rely on this precious ecosystem will subsequently find themselves in peril. From the 2019 "Water with Life in Taiwan" to the recently released "Swimming with Humpback Whale" and "Life in the Coral Reefs", the Delta Foundation has been trying to describe profound and complex environmental issues through vivid natural scenery and emotionally moving images, in an attempt to make an appeal to the world to take concrete steps towards carbon reduction and protect the ocean and land.

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