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The charity film screening 8K “Water with Life” on Oct. 10th and 11th at the Sun Moon Lake


Commercial advertisement poster for "8K Projection of the Sun Moon Lake. Converging Greatness" charity 8K screening event

Sponsored by Delta Electronics Foundation, the world's first 8K environmental documentary, "Water with Life" was produced by NHK Enterprises. The key feature of the film 'Sun Moon Lake' will be displayed at its actual scene Ita Thao Pier of Sun Moon Lake. The charity film screening event "8K Projection of the Sun Moon Lake. Converging Greatness" will be held in the evening on Oct. 10th and 11th. Apart from the film, internationally famous Vox Nativa Children's Choir and Ita Thao Dance Performers who performed in the documentary, are both invited to perform on the event. We expect a huge crowd and hope to raise public awareness of climate change and energy-related issues.

After the premiere on Japan's NHK BS 8K satellite channel on March 31st, "Water with Life" documentary has also been displayed at National Museum of Natural Science, Taipei Water Park, National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung and National Museum of Marine Science and Technology in Keelung. This is the first time that the screening to be held at where it was filmed. It not only represented the beauty of Sun Moon Lake, but also reminds us the significance of water. Cherish water resources is the lesson we can learn from the film, and it calls for our response from awareness to action.

The production team chose Sun Moon Lake as one of the filming locations. The reason behind the decision was because the lake is a world's famous tourist attraction. Besides, the lake was where the tribal legend of Ita Thao Community originated and thus water was considered highly significant in their culture and lives. During the filming, the team interviewed the local elders and invited the famous local dancer group, Ita Thao dancers, to perform by Sun Moon Lake. In film, the dancer poured water from bamboos with profound reverence in their traditional dance, which symbolizes passing down the culture. Much of the audience was impressed with their dancing in film. To show the pivotal role of water for life on earth, they will reintroduce their respect to water in Thau culture by their performance at this charity screening.

Aside from visual feast of 8K screening, the internationally famous Vox Nativa Children's Choir is also invited to perform at the event. In filmmaker Chi Po-Lin's environmental documentary "Beyond Beauty - Taiwan From Above", the choir climbed on top of the tallest mountain in Taiwan, Yushan, to sing in the first aerial environmental documentary in Taiwan. They will once again sing next to one of the most beautiful landmarks in Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake, and voice for the beauty of the lake.

"8K Projection of the Sun Moon Lake. Converging Greatness" charity film screening event will take place in the Ita Thao Pier, Sun Moon Lake on Oct. 10th and 11th, 2019 at 5 pm. For more information, please visit Delta Electronics Foundation website and the event page ( ). The event is free to participate in. Please use public transportation or share your ride with others.

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