Low Carbon Building and Transport

Delta Foundation participates in the first International Green Building Symposium in Taiwan


Shan-Shan Guo (second from left), Vice Chairman of the Delta Electronics Foundation, and Andy To (middle), Managing Director of the USGBC North Asia, and other distinguished guests at opening ceremony.

At the invitation of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Delta attended the first International Green Building Symposium (IGBS) in Taiwan on May 31, during which Delta shared its promotion of green energy data centers, smart buildings and low-carbon buildings. At the symposium, USGBC awarded the world's first LEED ID+C Platinum Certification to the IT Data Center of Delta's Head Office and LEED Gold Certification to Delta Chungli R&D Building, highlighting Delta's leading position in green data center and green building technology.

In April this year, the IT Data Center of Delta's Head Office passed LEEDv4 ID+C Platinum Certification, which received considerable attention at the Symposium. It not only achieved full scores in energy efficiency, the use of the precise air conditioning design can further reduce power consumption by 51.4% while the virtual server increases performance efficiency by 120%; other aspects include the use of efficient power system and advanced airflow management to bring the overall PUE down to less than 1.35. The smart building solutions of Delta have also drawn the attention of the market in promoting the design of smart green buildings around the world, including the modification of lamps, adding lighting control system them, to save up to 89% in overall energy; the newly completed Zhongda Low-carbon Residence, on the other hand, has adopted Delta's related active smart building equipment, which not only greatly improves indoor comfort level, but can also easily save up to 20% in entire household energy compared to other buildings in the same area.

From the perspective of a practitioner, Delta Foundation has shared its experience in the past decade to raise public environmental awareness in climate change both in terms of education and policy influence. For example, Delta has jointly established the workshop for training green collar architects with Taiwan Green Collar Association, and has so far, trained more than 200 green collar architects. Delta also cooperated with Low Carbon Building Alliance to develop the first set of building material carbon footprint database and assessment software in Taiwan, to promote the trend of carbon footprint calculation in construction-related industries. Till now, 24 buildings have passed the building carbon footprint certification, and the accumulative carbon reduction has reached 598,492 tons of CO2e. In addition, Mr. Bruce Cheng, founder of Delta, had also delivered a public speech on the concept and concrete practices of Delta Foundation in green building education at a side event of the United Nations Climate Conference.

Delta Electronics Brand Chief and Vice Chairman of Delta Foundation Shan-Shan Guo; CIO Cally Ko; Senior Director of Building Automation Solutions Roland Chiang; Section Chief of Factory Affairs Department Yan-Qin Zhong; and CEO of Delta Foundation Wim Chang, attended the Symposium. Relevant participants also anticipate Taiwan's green buildings to become even more popular in the future and that more people will be able to experience the benefits of green buildings.

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