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Cross-strait Songs of Whales Competition smoothly wrapped up with contestants’ ardent resp


The first prizes of the adaptation category are "Voice of Whales" and "Songs of Whale Surprise" in China and Taiwan.

The competition of Songs of Whales dialogue and film adaption ended with a "perfect exclamation mark" simultaneously across the straits. The total number of received entries was up to 1,266. It is hoped that the film will convey carbon capture potential of whales, which will help alleviate the global warming crisis and arouse the public's attention to marine ecology conservation as well. 

Guo Shan-Shan, Delta's Brand Director and an important prime mover of this competition, said that she was pleased with the resonance triggered by the competition. Just like Delta's brand commitment "Smarter – Greener – Together", we promote environmental education with images, representing our expectation for the public's understanding of environmental issues while combining more like-minded partners to jointly dedicate their share of effort to environmental protection. We are convinced that care and even action can only be driven from understanding. In so doing, we can then have hope for life, and more lives on the earth can therefore have a greater hope.  

With online teaching films and seven online environment forums, Delta, for the first time, stepped into the campus to promote the competition, which successfully drew a variety of excellent copywritings and ultra-high-definition image production contributed by multimedia hotshots. Zhu Li, Director of Delta Greentech, even led the audience to experience the 8K HD era. The diverse and rich topics attracted more than 800 participants to join the activity.  

The competition in China is fierce. The first prize of the dialogue category is "what we eat". By associating food with garbage, it is full of resourceful imagination. The cute Q&A between whale mother and daughter deeply strikes a chord of many people. The first prize of the adaptation category is the "Voice of Whales", starting off from environmental care. Other than aesthetics, it is also easy to transmit its concept. From text, editing, to musical score, the work has excellent aesthetic performance and role clarity. With a high level of integration, it presents its originality from the soundtrack, and hides the ambition in the production. 

In Taiwan, the first prize of the dialogue category is the "Gift of Life", which elaborately elucidates the ecological concept in a poetic way, so the audience does not feel condemned. The first prize of the adaptation category is the "Songs of Whale Surprise", which uses animation to show the mutual evolution of whales and the Earth sphere by presenting whales' contribution of their life from birth to death to the Earth. The story is complete and fluid, and the editing skills are virtuoso. The combination of originality with the imaging technology shows high integration with environmental care materials, which deeply touches the judging panel, and therefore stands out of many other competitors.  

The winning works will be used as important environmental education materials in the promotion of Delta Electronics Foundation's environmental education in the future, so more people can be attracted to the issues relating to the climate emergency, biodiversity, etc. They will also become a crucial partner in the teaching of Delta volunteer advanced classes. 

About "Voice of Whales" video
About "Songs of Whale Surprise" video

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