Themes´╝ÜGreen Building
Renovation of the Museum in TCFSH
Duration: 2011-2015
Updated: 2016/04/14
The School History Museum of National Taichung First Senior High School was built in 1937. It was first used as the lecture hall and later as the auditorium, gymnasium hall, and school history museum. In February, 2004, it was ranked by the Taichung City Government as the historical building; it is also the only building of National Taichung First Senior High School built during the Japanese Period that survives now. 
The Foundation Chairman, Mr. Bruce Cheng, is also one of the outstanding alumni of National Taichung First Senior High School; in 2011, he assisted the School to renovate and carefully restore the important historical culture of the School. Through green building engineering, the building is constructed with the function of environmental education.  
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