Themes:Energy and Climate
Climate Change Research Programs
Duration: 2010-2017
Updated: 2017/03/07
Under climate change, society needs more comprehensive scientific studies to support various actions to mitigate warming and adapt climate. Hence, the Delta Electronics Foundation cooperates with academic and research institutions such as National ChengChi University and the Low Carbon Society to conduct in-depth studies on the heat island effect and adequate electricity rate to build climate think tank for the provision of objective data for the government, the industry, academia, and research institutions as the basis of continuous relevant studies. 
In lieu of a regional scale of climate change science, the Delta Electronics Foundation has, since 2010, based on authorization, been cooperating with scholars on the studies and evaluations of the impacts climate change on Taiwan with the aim to provide police reference.  Projects carried out include “Urban Heat Island Effect”, “Urban Vulnerability Definition and Evaluation of Adaptive Polices in the New Era of Storm Rainfall: The Feasibility Evaluation of Water Treatment with Highly Loaded Permeable Pavement”. At present, the Foundation has been working with NCKU and Taiwan Association for Sustainable Engineering to implement the “Study Project of Disaster Prevention and Environmental Protection Effectiveness and Engineering Design Specification of Roads Built with JW Ecological Engineering”. 
On the other hand, due to the public concern of the rising electricity rate, the adequate electricity rate is the key for the improvement of energy policies. Therefore, the Delta Electronics Foundation invited scholars to conduct relevant studies on the energy polices to serve as the future reference. 
Research projects conducted in the past years: 
2010-12   The Mitigation effectiveness of Green Roofs and Parks on the Urban Heat Island Effect 
2010-12   Urban Vulnerability Definition and Evaluation of Adaptive Polices in the New Era of Storm Rainfall 
2012-13   Studies on Revolution and Relevant Strategies of Electricity Rates in Taiwan 
2012-13  The National Telephone Survey Project on Taiwan’s Climate Change 
2013-14  The Feasibility Study of the Promotion of Energy White Certification in Taiwan 
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