Themes:Energy and Climate
Low Carbon Life Blog
Duration: 2007-2017
Updated: 2017/03/07
In order to promote and educate environmental concepts, the Foundation has been putting great efforts to the quality of “knowledge” of the public on the relevant issues of environmental protection and energy saving. In May 2007, the “Low-carbon Life Blog” was constructed to develop a platform for the public to learn to live a green low-carbon life, and the platform has been well recognized. 
Editors of the Low-carbon Life Blog include members of the Foundation, invitations are also sent to senior reporters of environmental protection, green building, NGO partners, experts on the issue of climate change, and the youth leaders. Columns under different themes are added each year to continuously implement environmental protection and energy saving approaches in life. 
Till now, the blog (by the end of 2014) has attracted about 4 million hits and recognized by the Chinese Blog Award, Xue Xue Literature Award, and the Environmental Hero Award of Global Views Monthly. A book compiling the blog contents, “24 Lessons of Low-carbon Life ” was the winner of the China Times Kaijuan Good Book Award.
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