Themes:Energy and Climate
Run for Water ‧ Water for Run
Duration: 2014-2014
Updated: 2015/01/23
According to the newest evaluation report of the UN IPCC on the climate, due to the impacts of warming and climate change, there will be major changes of global hydrologic distribution and water resources. 
The Delta Electronics Foundation in order to raise the public awareness on the climate as well as the value of precious water resources, between September 13 and October 8 2014, at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park curated the Environmental Exhibition: Run for Water‧Water for Run.
This exhibition shows the local action for caring with international vision presented with image stories. The contents combine international and Taiwan’s current local status to display water-saving strategies adopted by various countries as well as inspiring individual actions. During the exhibition, experts in the field were invited to give talks on the interdependence between humans and water. During the 26-day exhibition, 35,000 visited; the exhibition successfully called for the public concerns of water resources. 
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