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Delta at COP21
Duration: 2015-2015
Updated: 2015/12/23
Each year, the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) convenes so that governmental officials, scientists and members from civil society can discuss the international agenda on climate action.       
Since 2007, Delta Electronics Foundation has been participating at the COPs every year. We bring back the latest climate discussion and in-depth analysis of all kinds in the context of climate change to raise public awareness here in Taiwan.
Delta Electronics Foundation co-hosted the first official side event at COP20 in Lima, Peru, where we shared the successful rebuilding of Namasia Elementary School. This school had attained the most stringent green building standards in the world, and it serves as a disaster shelter during the typhoon seasons. Moreover, it has become the first Net Zero Energy Campus in Taiwan as it incorporates renewable energy, passive design, and energy management.
In 2015, Delta plans to share more good practices of Delta’s 21 green buildings. In recent years, Delta has not only introduced a variety of progressive innovations and strategies on building energy saving, but has also led Taiwan's green building standards. Delta sees building energy efficiency as an important solution to reduce carbon reduction, and remains optimistic that this topic be put into national climate agendas. After all, we all want to live in a sustainable society.  
Here are the side events and forum Delta will participate during COP21:
30th November  - 4th  December   
Exhibition/Booth @ UN Blue Zone, Le Bourget
Topic: Delta's Green Buildings Efforts and Stories
4th - 10th  December   
Delta 21 Green Buildings at COP 21 Exhibition  @ Grand Palais
7th December 
Sustainable Innovation Forum @ Stade de France 
Delta's Chairman Yancey Hai is going to paricipating a panel on sustainable city.
10th December Thu.  10:00-12:00
Side Event @ Hall 2b, German Pavilion,UN Blue Zone, Le Bourget
(Organized by Climate Alliance)
Topic: Energy Efficiency - the Local Authorities’ Visions 
Pease find the AGENDA HERE  
10th December Thu.  13:00-15:00
Delta Forum @ Grand Palais
Topic: Delta 21 at COP21 - The Immense Mitigation Potential of Green Buildings 
11th December Fri.  15:30-17:00
UN Side Event @ Climate Generation Area Salle 1 , Le Bourget
Topic: Emissions Reduction Potential from Green Building & Beyond – Green Buildings in a Sustainable City
30th November  - 12th  December   
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