Themes´╝ÜGreen Building
Workshop for the Green Architects
Duration: 2009-2017
Updated: 2017/09/19
Green buildings, in recent years, have become popular due to the trend of energy saving and the reduction of carbon emission and “LOHAS,” and more and more people are concerned with a living quality that accounts for the important part of our lives. Regardless of the selection of building materials or the procurement of houses with the green concept, besides energy saving, a healthier and more comfortable living quality is also the consideration. 
Since 2009, the Foundation has worked with National Taipei University of Technology and Taiwan Green Building Council to open the professional courses to cultivate green building and decoration talents, “The Workshop for the Training of Green Collar Architects” each year. The distinct feature of the courses is to combine with concepts and practices in a systemized way to teach “Introduction to Green Buildings,” “Design Strategies of Green Buildings,” to practical “How to Build a Green Building Internally and Externally,” “The Evaluation Systems of Green Buildings,” and “Case Studies of Green Buildings” each year. 
Since 2012, these course credits have been approved by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) making them the first recognized green building credits taught in Chinese. In 2013, basic course contents were compiled in the publication of “Green Building Architects Teach You How to Design a Good House” enabling the sharing of practical green building knowledge with more people. 
For the past several years, these courses have cultivated hundreds of architects and designers with green building concept, and now they have been continuously working in each corner of Taiwan toward a green revolution.
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