Themes´╝ÜGreen Building
Sunshine Mobile Elementary School
Duration: 2014-2016
Updated: 2016/12/06
The Delta Electronics Foundation has been long devoted to the promotion of green buildings and energy education particularly and has worked with National Museum of Natural Science to integrate successful cases of energy educational sites of Delta into the circular vehicle exhibition of “Sunshine Mobile Elementary School” to allow school children to understand the multiple aspects and realization methods of green campus. 
Among the exhibition contents, the representative one is the rebuilt Namasia Min-quan Elementary School which was seriously hit by Typhoon Morakot. The School, after three-year reconstruction, has been transformed into a “diamond level” green building elementary school, with the educational, environmental protection, and disaster relief functions and Taiwan’s first “zero energy consumption” library that utilizes completely renewable resources. 
The Solar Elementary School has Delta’s advanced interactive projection equipment that was used to incorporate the recording image of aerial photographer, Chi Po-Lin, to give the in-depth introduction to Taiwan’s most environmental friendly elementary school. Multiple multi-media interactive equipment and energy teaching devices are displayed to showcase Delta’s original and first principle of “Zero Carbon Classroom” that allows visitors to understand the smart energy saving approach utilized by the most environmental friendly elementary school in Taiwan. The Delta Electronics Foundation hopes that, with the circulating exhibition, the successful experience can be multiplied to more schools. School children are also encouraged to bring the practices of energy saving home to realize overall energy saving life. 
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