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Y. S. Sun Green Building
Duration: 2010-2014
Updated: 2015/01/06
Located at the Li-Hsing Campus of NCKU, Y. S. Sun Green Building Research Center (also named as Magic School of Green Technologies) was donated by the founder of Delta Electronics and President, Bruce Cheng, at the cost of NT$100 million. With the self-raised funds of NCKU at the amount of NT$60 million and the donation of relevant science and technology products from more than 30 Taiwanese enterprises, the Building was completed in January, 2011. 
The Research Building itself is an exceptional green building that has been certified with the highest “Diamond Level Green Building Logo” by the Ministry of the Interior and outstanding performance of “energy saving” with the Leed Platinum Green Building Logo of the US Green Building Council, the first Leed Platinum certified educational building in Asia. More importantly, its construction cost per ping was only NT$87,000, the “affordable green building,” at the cost of general office buildings. The building incorporates with 13 green building designs to achieve the incredible 65% of energy saving target.
The Y. S. Sun Green Building Research Center adopts energy and water saving as well as the utilization of rainwater design and attracts visits by the public. The architects designed a green building exhibition hall on Floor 1 for the function of educational guided tours. Besides the donation of part hardware equipment, the Delta Electronics Foundation has also trained local youth and volunteers for the tour guides of green buildings since 2013; guided tour services are available on weekends.
The Magic School of Green Technologies
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