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Building Carbon Footprint
Duration: 2013-2016
Updated: 2016/09/21
In order to actively promote Taiwan’s low-carbon construction industry, the Delta Electronics Foundation supports “Low Carbon Building Alliance” facilitated by National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) to release a private version of “Building Carbon Footprint Certification” with the aim to promote existing green building logo as well as calculate carbon emission in the 60-year “life cycle” from construction, use, to dismantling. The system will lead the calculation of carbon footprint of buildings in Taiwan and help promote the development of low-carbon construction industry. 
Because of the slow progress of carbon footprint certification system of buildings in Taiwan, Professor Lin Hsien-Te from NCKU, who has been devoted to the promotion of green building standard in Taiwan, cooperated with the Delta Electronics Foundation that has long been promoting and concerned of the promotion of green buildings in 2013 to engage in the development of “Carbon Footprint Calculation Software for Buildings LCBA-Delta” and “Carbon Footprint Calculation Standard for Buildings in Taiwan.”
With the enactment of the systemized tool and standard, the construction industry at the beginning of design is able to simulation carbon emission distribution and to control key carbon reduction points and cost estimation for the links to existing business model and the provision of sustainable value-added services. In order to test the effectiveness, the Delta Electronics Foundation in 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival organized in Hsinchu introduced a carbon footprint calculation for buildings, and a monitoring and management mechanism that resulted in the reduction of 350 tons of concrete use in the same scale building, equivalent to 80%, in a 15-day exhibition entitled “Ring of Celestial Bliss.” 
About “Low Carbon Building Alliance” 
The Low Carbon Building Alliance, LCBA, was set up by the R&D team including Department of Architecture, Industrial Sustainable Center, and STSP R&D Center of NCKU and the architecture design units, architecture material suppliers, construction teams, equipment makers, and building education promotional organizations. The Alliance shoulders the important mission to develop low-carbon architecture industry.  In addition to the building certification system, comprehensive evaluation and certification methods for low-carbon construction materials, equipment, construction and building life cycle, landscape, and indoor decoration will be introduced. 
In lieu of the efforts of the “LCBA” to launch “Building Carbon Footprint Logo,” the Delta Electronics Foundation works to link the efforts to the promotion of green buildings and the reduction of energy consumption of buildings. Hence, in April, 2013, the Foundation joined the Alliance to provide solutions to smart green life in a more active way.
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