Delta/Chevening Scholarship
Duration: 2008-2017
Updated: 2017/12/06
Since 2008, the British Trade & Cultural Office has been cooperating with the Delta Electronics Foundation to set up Delta /Chevening Environmental Scholarship. Each year, two youth leaders devoted to Taiwan’s environmental protection are sponsored to go to study in the UK. 
The scholarship receivers have to return to Taiwan after their studies and contribute what they have learned to relevant issues of environmental protection and climate change. The scholarship applicants have the freedom to choose any major to study. They, however, are required to submit a proposal about the application of professional knowledge and skills to the practical application on issues of environmental protection and climate change.
Winners list:
2008: CHEN, YI-YI (University of Cambridge, Technology policy)
2009: YANG, CHUNG-HAN (University of Cambridge, Environmental Criminology)
2010: HUANG, YAO-TING (University of Glasgow, Carbon management);
          Lo, Hsin-I (Kingston University London, Illustration and Animation)
2011: WU,YU-TIAN (University of Leicester, Ecological museum);
          HU,HSIN-CHUN (University of Edinburgh, Translation)
2012: LAI,HUEI-LING (University College London, Environment Studies);
          WU,YING-HSUAN (University of Edinburgh, Public health)
2013: CHOU,I-CHIEH (London School of Economics and Political Science, Human rights law)
2014: HSU,HUI-JU (University of Surrey, Translation);
          WENG, WEN-YU (London School of Economics and Political Science, Development Studies)
2015: LIU,YEN-RU (University of Leeds, Emergency relief);
          KUO, JING-RU (Queen Mary University of London, Environmental human rights)
2016: CHENG,YI-LIN (University College London, Public administration);
          TANG, CHIH HSIANG (University of Cambridge, MBA)
2017: HO, SHIH-YING (University College London, Clinical and public health nutrition);
          WANG,SHUN-TE (University College London, Environment, politics and society)
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