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Residential Energy-Saving Program
Duration: 2009-2014
Updated: 2015/01/06
Households in Taiwan consume more than one fifth of the total electricity consumption; therefore, since 2005, the Foundation paid great attention to the improvement of household energy conservation. In 2005, 2007, and 2008 respectively, we worked with the Agenda 21 Association and GCHA to jointly launch “Energy-saving Practices for Residential Units” as well as “The Project for Residential Rebuilding for Energy Saving” by providing subsidies for hardware rebuilding and organizing workshops for residential energy-saving to assist the public to save energy used in life hardware and software (behavior). Based on the premise without sacrificing life for comfort (or even the improvement of comfort), the environmental goal to save energy and reduce carbon emission can be achieved. Additionally, because residential electricity consumption involves in the architecture concept and style that greatly impacts the deployment of water and electricity. In the long run, with the accumulation and methods of residential energy-saving practices and experiences, we hope that the innovative possibilities for Taiwanese architecture industry, water and electricity service industry, and other service industries can be searched. 
Through the practical experiences jointly shared with the residents, it is the hope of the Foundation to gradually the improvement solution for old buildings suitable for Taiwan can be identified. For the long term, the Foundation would like to support for the continuous team research and development on the search for suitable energy-saving residential units for Taiwan and build the energy-saving culture for Taiwan to overall improve the living quality. 
Hence, the Delta Electronics Foundation worked with GCHA to publish “Good Houses” in the end of 2008 to promote health and energy-saving green buildings. The book has received great feedback with the publication of thousands of books. 
To celebrate Delta’s 40th Anniversary, the Foundation in 2011 launched the challenge contest of “Energy-saving 40%” to encourage the families of Delta employees to conserve energy by using their knowledge and introduce the related skills to the public. Meanwhile, the Foundation prepared “Energy-saving 40 and Smart Green Life” website and film to use families as the example to introduce household energy-saving strategies. 
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