Delta Volunteers
Duration: 2007-2017
Updated: 2017/03/07
Since 2007, the Delta Electronics Foundation introduced teaching materials of “K-12 Energy Education Program, KEEP” for the energy education on campus. From 2008, about 80 business volunteers have been trained as Energy Education Volunteers each year to promote the energy education at elementary schools. 
These Energy Education Volunteers come from each factory of Delta Electronics and use the teaching materials of environmental education updated each year to teach the 4th and 5th graders on campus to know about energy consumption and then energy management to guide students to understand the knowledge and influence their families. In the past, the teaching materials used included diversified themes on the renewable energy, energy conservation in life, and green buildings to incorporate basic knowledge and interactive games with the focus on inspiration.  
Since 2013, the Foundation cooperated with Housewife Co., to initiate the project of picture books of green energy. The business volunteers are recruited as “Delta Picture Book Volunteers” to introduce energy education to the lower graders at the elementary schools.  
Another Tour Guide Team of Green Building composed of Employees at Tainan Factory of Delta Electronics also takes the volunteers on holidays at the R&D Building of Sun Yun-Hsuan at the NCKU to introduce the zero carbon green building constructed with the ecological, energy-saving, waste reduction, and healthy engineering. 
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