基金會8K紀錄片首登NHK頻道 台達8K投影機同步首映驚豔科博館

8K documentary premiere on NHK and simultaneously debuting at NMNS  

《水起.台灣》首映會貴賓合影: (由右自左)紀錄片總製作人佐藤一裕、科博館館長孫維新、台達創辦人鄭崇華、水利署署長賴建信、台達董事長海英俊、台達基金會副董事長郭珊珊、台達發言人周志宏
Group photo at the "Water with Life" premier: (from right to left) The documentary producer Mr. Kazuhiro Sato, the Director of National Museum of Natural Science, Mr. Wei-Hsin Sun, the founder of Delta, Mr. Bruce Cheng, the Director-General of Water Resources Agency , Dr. Chien-Hsin Lai, the chairman of Delta, Mr. Yancey Hai, the vice chairman of the Delta Electronics Foundation, Ms. Shan-shan Guo, and the spokesman of the Delta, Mr. Jesse Chou.

由台達電子文教基金會出資拍製,國內首部8K超高畫質(SHV)環境紀錄片《水起.台灣》,三月三十一日登上日本NHK BS 8K頻道對全球播映。台達基金會同一時間與國立自然科學博物館合作,以台達所研發生產全世界亮度最高的8K超高畫質雷射投影機,邀請科博館的志工及關心台灣環境的貴賓,一同在科博館立體劇院感受8K投影栩栩如生的震撼。
Sponsored by Delta Electronics Foundation (DEF), "Water with Life" is Taiwan's first 8K UHD environmental documentary, and will be broadcasted to the world via Japan's NHK on March 31st. In collaboration with the National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS) at the same time, using 8K projector developed and produced by Delta and featuring the highest brightness in the world, DEF invites NMNS volunteers and honored guests who care about Taiwan's environment to experience the lifelike effect of the 8K projection at the 3D theater of NMNS together.

近幾年,因為氣候變遷加劇,極端降雨、暖冬乾旱、珊瑚白化、海平面上升等議題是愈趨嚴重,甚至也讓台灣水情幾乎年年吃緊,影響農作物生產數量。為了讓社會大眾更加重視水資源議題,台達基金會跨國請到日本NHK Enterprises(NEP)團隊拍攝,以全球領先的8K超高畫質攝影技術,忠實呈現台灣水景的多種面貌。
In recent years, due to the aggravated climate change, issues including extreme rainfall, warm winter and drought, coral bleaching, sea level rise and so on have worsen, which also make Taiwan's water situation tight almost every year, and affect the amount of crop production. To increase the public's attention to the important of water resources, Delta Foundation has invited Japan's NHK Enterprises (NEP) to shoot a documentary to faithfully present the various features of Taiwan's waterscape with the world's leading 8K UHD photographic technology.

Bruce Cheng, founder of Delta Group and Chairman of DEF, also attended the premiere in person, seating in front of the near-700-inch screen featuring UHD 8K projection with more than 300 honored guests at the 3D theater of NMNS for the immersive experience. In his opening remark, Mr. Cheng also stressed in particular that only 7/100,000 (0.007%) of the earth's water can be used by mankind, but according to the WWDR recently published by the UN, water use has been increasing worldwide by about 1% per year since the 1980s, and over 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress. We must cherish our water resources.

The film "Water with Life" takes the four seasons as observation points, surveys scenery from Kenting in the south all the way to Hokkaido in the north, and records influences brought by water resources impacted by earth warming, such as the gradually disappearing lichen and moss in Chilan Mountain (Yilan County), ecological restoration of Formosan landlocked salmon in Chijiawan Stream in Taichung, and coral bleaching of Pingtung Kenting. The film hopes to rise the environmental awareness of the public, and let the public "know about water", "protect water" and "cherish water" together with DEF.

After the premiere on March 31st, the 8K film "Water with Life" will be broadcasted at the 3D theater of NMNS in Taichung for public charity cause from April 2nd to 7th. In the future, there will also be plans for touring broadcasts in noethern, central and southern Taiwan, in an effort to continuing the influence of this documentary.

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