2017 Delta environmental scholarship award ceremony

2017 Delta environmental scholarship award ceremony:
Diversified research to promote sustainable development of the environment

The Delta Electronics Foundation held its environmental scholarship award ceremony on
the 11th this month –this year, Delta is sending altogether, 6 masters students and 2
professors to further their studies in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. The Founder
and Honorary Chairman of Delta Group, Mr. Bruce Cheng, conferred the certificates in
person. With the intensification effect of climate change, he encouraged these young
talented people to bring the latest knowledge, as well as international low-carbon trends
back to Taiwan.


Also present at the ceremony were Mr. Mark Fletcher, the Head of Political Section,
British Office, Mr. Andre Verkade, the Deputy Director, Netherlands Trade & Investment
Office, Mr. Hsu Shi-Chun, the Chairman from Chinese Business Ethics Education
Association, as well as Prof. Won from the K.T. Li Foundation for the Development of
Science and Technology – all of them passed on their respective words of wisdom to the
scholarship recipients. The Founder, Mr. Bruce Cheng mentioned that there have been
over one hundred graduate students and young teachers having received Delta
scholarships – many of them are making a difference in the sustainability realm in all
areas, whether it is NGOs, government, think-tanks or academia.


The area of studies of this year’s recipients span across a wide range of disciplines,
including but not limited to public health, water management, wetland management,
architecture, global business & sustainability, and sustainable food supply.


The Delta Electronics Foundation now gives out three types of environmental
scholarships. The Netherlands Environmental Scholarship now enters into its 13th year, 
and in such ascholarship 5 master students out of 62 applicants are accepted this year. 
DEF has also been collaborating with the British Office for 10 years on the 
'Delta-Chevening Environmental Scholarship '. There were 44 applicants this year, and 
1 recipient were selected to pursue their masters' degrees. The 'Delta Corporate
Environmental Ethics Grant' now enters intoits 7th year. Several young professors
applied, and 2 of them received the award.


Scholarship Awardee Institution Name Course Name
Chevening/Master 何思瑩 Ho Shih-Ying University College London Clinical and public health nutrition
Netherlands/Master 黃鴻翔 Huang Hung-Hsiang UNESCO-IHE Hydroinformatics-Modelling and Information Systems for Water Management
Netherlands/Master 羅靚軒 Lo Ching-Hsuan Radboud University Nijmegen Biology: Water and Environment
Netherlands/Master 侯惠芸 Hou Hui-Yun Erasmus University Global Business & Sustainability
Netherlands/Master 高暄雅 Kao Hsuan-Ya Delft University of Technology Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences
Netherlands/Master 魏瑀潔 Wei Yu-Jie Wageningen University & Research Environmental Science
Delta Business and Environmental Ethics Research Award

胡秀華 Hu Hsiu-Hua、

孫逸民 Sun Yi-Min

Waste Utilization of Livestock Industry An Investigation of the Optimal Model of River Environmental Management in Taiwan

Pic 1: Delta Electronics Foundation and the three cooperative units expect the awardees to
promote the sustainable development of the environment through research in different areas.


Delta Founder and Honorary Chairman, Mr. Bruce Cheng, encouraged young talented people to bring international low-carbon trends back to Taiwan.

Pic 2: Delta Founder and Honorary Chairman, Mr. Bruce Cheng, encouraged young talented
people to bring international low-carbon trends back to Taiwan. 

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