Established in 1990, Delta Electronics Foundation was founded by Bruce C.H. Cheng, the Founder of Delta Electronics, with the idea to give back to the society that have provided an enabling environment for the company to grow. The goal of the Foundation is to foster sustainable development, both domestically and internationally, through environmental education, the promotion of green buildings and rigorous climate and energy research.

During the initial stages, the Foundation was mainly focused on the cultivation of technology talents through sponsorship of academic research. In lieu of climate vulnerability, endangered species and resource depletion resulting from global warming, the Foundation gradually transitioned to prioritize on environmental protection, with the objective to offer solutions in the realm of sustainability. Given the increased urgency of environmental protection, The Delta Electronics Foundation is now primarily focused on three core areas under the larger 'sustainability' umbrella, namely – "Energy and Climate" "Green Building" and "Talent Cultivation".

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Delta Electronics Foundation
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