To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.


The Foundation aims to improve overall public environmental awareness by introducing energy conservation standards and climate adaptation strategies to link up with the international trend for the reduction of carbon emissions. Additionally, through innovative talent cultivation methods, we will lay the cornerstone for sustainable development.

Message from the Founder

Since the industrial revolution, due to the emission of GHGs, we are now experiencing global warming and extreme climates and witnessing more and more frequent natural disasters year by year. Although we have reached the consensus to give better environmental protection and to prevent from continuous warming of the earth, yet we are more likely to speak many words rather than take more concrete action. We are not working hard enough to tackle this urgent issue.

The Delta Electronics operates with the mission: "protect the environment, conserve energy, and love the earth" and has been devoted to the research and development of highly efficient electronics products as well as entering the R&D for green technology. For the past many years, it has always been the hope of Delta that we are able to make more concrete contributions to social development of humans and to the building of a more sustainable world. These are also the initial objectives for the establishment of the Foundation.

For many years, the Delta Electronics Foundation has been focused on the promotion of energy and climate education to either raise the public awareness towards energy conservation or influence more people to care for the improvement of energy efficiency. The Foundation also observed that the energy consumption from buildings accounts for 1/3 to 1/4 of the total global energy consumption indicating the high potential to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, the Foundation will also promote the concept of "green building" as the key response to solving the global warming crisis and to call for more attention on energy consumption of buildings.

The other focus aspect of Delta Electronics Foundation is talent cultivation. Along with the technology development, the education format also changes. We now have the opportunity to close the gap between urban and rural areas resulting from the imbalance of resource distribution. With the adoption of modern technology, the Foundation hopes that students will be encouraged for self-learning by interactive teaching methods as well as be inspired to become the drive to change the world.

As a successful enterprise, we should think beyond profits,  and be the leader in driving positive change in society.

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